WARENDORF is a perfect product which is guaranteed to last. Warendorf offers a product range that allows extreme flexibility and which makes the fulfilment of kitchen dreams possible. Warendorf manufacture the “Kitchen for Personalities” in accordance with the highest quality standards, exclusively in Warendorf. Reliability, quality and longevity – these values form the basis of their actions. Warendorf combine these values with a modern approach to innovation and entrepreneurial strength.

Authentic craftsmanship
Incredible surfaces
Contour edges

Framed fronts and feature elements are made by hand by WARENDORF. Particularly labour intensive are the fronts in the framed door programes as well as the slatted doors with narrow frames and internal profiles. These are finished by hand – craftsmanship made by WARENDORF.

Nothing says individuality as much as the surface finish of your kitchen. From functional finishes such as laminate, glass or stainless steel to lacquered finishes in over 2,000 colour variations and veneers with striking grain patterns, WARENDORF creates highly individual surfaces using a special manufacturing technology.

Contour edges are produced entirely by hand at WARENDORF. When used on side panels, unit sides, top boards and bottom panels they lend them a highly expressive touch. Individual and sophisticated!

The unique
folding carcase

About the folding carcase

The folding carcase is what sets WARENDORF apart and provides the rationale for artisanal manufacture – it guarantees the greatest possible flexibility for the space by making individual heights, depths and widths possible. The complete carcase is made from a single length of board cut to size, morticed and finally folded. This is how WARENDORF guarantees its unique stability while giving the kitchen designer complete freedom.

In-house surface processing

It is the fronts that give a kitchen its character, its distinc-tive appearance. Whether you prefer classic or modern, uniform or diverse, smooth, without handles or with frames – let your imagination take flight.

Framed fronts and traditional features made by hand

The manufacture of framed fronts and muntin doors with narrow frames and bevelled inside edges is largely done by hand. Awkward-to-reach edge surfaces such as inside corners are smoothed manually using various sized sanding blocks. A task that requires patience, stamina and fi-nesse.

Reliability, quality and longevity

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