Creating a difference

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the hub of the family, and it is the most personal element of a new build home. At Stolz we believe that everyone deserves their dream kitchen, and we are proud to take a key role in the inspirational and aspirational kitchens that our customers choose.

The design is the key element in terms of innovation that the customer experiences, and the customer’s customer, so we put an enormous amount of effort and focus on to that. Stolz take the ideas and trends from the European market, tailor it with the knowledge we have of the UK market, and produce insightful and innovative designs. We understand the key role a kitchen plays in not just the sale of a house, but within family life when that house becomes a home. We are brave, we have the courage of our convictions, we have the ideas and we have the skills.

It’s not just in terms of design and product that we create a difference, but in how we behave. At Stolz we believe that we’re not primarily a kitchen manufacturer or distributor, we’re a subcontractor who happens to do kitchens. That’s a crucial difference in mindset that leads to positive behaviour on site, managing complex programs, product and demands, and a thorough understanding of how building sites work mean that the communication, site management and service levels are in place to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We’re Proud to be Different.